Accounts Receivable Spreadsheet Instructions

Setting the Accounts Receivable Spreadsheet Up:

On the Charges worksheet (look at the tab on the bottom), Type in the name of your small business and enter customer/client’s names.

You will only need to enter names once. Enter them into the list on right-hand side of Charges worksheet (hyperlinks). Names will automatically update on both the Charges and the Balance worksheets.

Click and hold to enter names. Click once to go to that person's account.

Note: Make a copy to use as your original.

To add additional lines in each account:

Highlight as many empty rows as you want to add in that account. Tip: choose the bottom or middle rows-not the top row.

Right click and click on insert or on the home tab, in the cells group, click on the drop-down arrow on the right side of Insert, and go to Insert Sheet Rows. Tip: you can keep clicking "insert sheet rows and it will keep adding the number of rows you have highlighted.

Add additional items or change current items in the drop down list under item description:

Click on the Data tab in the top blue bar, Click on Data Validation in the Data Tools group. The Data Validation window will pop up. Make your changes in the Source Box. Tip: Put a comma after every item in list.

Click OK

Delete the drop down list:

Select the cells with the list. Click the Data tab, and then in the Data Group, click Data Validation. In the Data Validation dialog box, click the Settings tab, and then click Clear All.

Note:Don't do anything to the Balance worksheet. It will automatically keep a running balance of your client/customer's accounts receivable balances.