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QuickBooks Online Review for Small Businesses

Review of QuickBooks Online by a small business owner.

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Small Business Taxes To-Do List

January To-Do list for small business taxes. See what federal payroll taxes are due and changes in self-employment taxes.

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Tax Planning Tips for Small Businesses

Tax planning end of the year tips for your small business. 6 things you can do to help lower your small business taxes.

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Accounting Journal Entries Examples

How to record accounting journal entries explained step by step and in easy to understand language.

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Accounting Adjusting Entries

Learn how to enter adjusting entries at the end of the period in your small business accounting and keep your books balanced.

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Recommended Accounting Software...

Free Mileage Log...

Click on image above for more details.

Business mileage can be a very good deduction for your small business.

It can also be a nightmare, if all the IRS required information is not included in your mileage log.

See what must be included and get a free mileage log!

Spreadsheet Reviews...

"I absolutely love the spreadsheets!!  Thank you so much! They are exactly what I needed."

Becky from Back to Natural

"Thank you so much. I have been stressing about doing this accounting stuff for my husband. Quickbooks was too complicated for his small business and these spreadsheets are just what I was looking for!!!"

Josi Michael

"I love your accounting spreadsheets- thank you!"

Sandra from the UK

"As a small business owner my expertise has always been in marketing and customer service. I have struggled with many different options for my bookkeeping.

Vickey's basic accounting help and ledgers have made my business so much easier!"

Kelly Howard

"Thank you for your free spreadsheet! It has helped me tremendously to track daily sales and get a grip on the full scope of what revenues are coming in and my expenses."

Gabby of Gumdrop Swap