How to Build a Website

If someone would have told me a couple of years ago that I would build a website and then build 2 more within a year. I would have asked them if they needed their head examined.

how to build a website

Even though I was researching small home business ideas I thought building a website was only for those colorful and talented people who graduated from college with a degree that said “You Are Now Free to Build an Extremely Hard-To-Master Website”!

As it turned out...I was the one who needed my head examined...or broadened. I found out anyone can build a website with the proper tools...even someone like me with NO PRIOR skills or knowledge. The secret lies in building a successful one.

First Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Find a good reputable web host

 I choose Site Build It (SBI)

10 steps to a building a successful website

It is the only truly "all in one" solution available that includes hosting, domain name, site building tools, keyword research tools, traffic building tools, SEO feedback tools, newsletter publishing and traffic tracking tools. They handle all the technical updates and site security issues as well.

However, the real value isn’t even in these features. The real value is in the accompanying training, community forums and support. Once you’re part of the SBI community, you have everything you need in one location to build a website.

It is extremely helpful for a novice such as me because I didn’t know an html code from Morris code and they have a wonderful tool called Blockbuilder that builds all the html code into your page for you.

However, SBI isn’t just for beginners; it is also designed for those very smart people who can upload their own beautifully designed pages themselves.

The cost per month is less than a dinner for two at a restaurant.

Second Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Find Your Niche

Sit down and brainstorm!

Think about what your passion is, what you are good at, what you really enjoy, what you know a lot about, or what you would really enjoy writing about.

Then start researching your idea.

SBI has a special Brainstorm tool that really helps, but you can also put your site concept in Google and see how many sites come back and what the top ones are.

When I bought my Site Build It (SBI) to build a website.

I knew I wanted to build a website about home and herbal remedies. I knew it was a very broad niche and I would have a lot of competition, but it was a subject I knew a lot about and was passionate about.

Hind sight being 2020, I now know I should have narrowed down that niche a little bit and built my site on just Arthritis, Allergies, or High Blood Pressure (suffer from all three of these).

That site: is starting to grow and gain attention but it was a lot of work to get it there because of the super broad category I built it in. (Do not make that mistake...take your time...research...research...research!) I have since sold this site to Van Crawford. If you visit his site, tell him Vickey says Hi!

My second site: is my most successful site.

I had no idea what I would use the second site for when I first bought it. After studying SBI's Free Affiliate Masters Course

I realized what I knew a lot about and was passionate about was “Church Accounting”.

I am a fund accountant for a nonprofit organization and am also the financial adviser at our church, so I had tons of research on the subject. I had also built some Excel spreadsheets for our church and knew I would like to give these away to other small churches.

Okay here is where sometimes you just have to follow your heart instead of statistics. The research I did through the free wordtracker tool showed that my chosen niche was probably too narrow and I wouldn’t get much traffic.

However, this was something I really wanted to do even if it didn’t make a dime. It has done quite well even though it will never attract masses amount of traffic, it does make my mortgage and car payment each month and still has potential for growth.

Then one year later, I built this site....since it’s still a baby I’ll have to update you later on its success.

Third Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Name your site

It should not be over 25 characters long (including the .com, .net, or .org) if one told me this when I named my natural remedies site :)

Fourth Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Choose the theme colors or template for your site

SBI has many to choose from or you can upload your own. Just keep your reader in mind when you choose.

If your site is about children or parties you would want something bright and cheerful. If your site is about business or health you might want something more quiet and serene.

I recommend sticking with a white background because sometimes colorful or dark backgrounds are hard to read.

Fifth Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Start building your pages

Build your home page first. This is the hardest page in my opinion. It should tell what your whole site is about and capture your reader’s interest. Do not try to make it perfect! There will be time for tweaking it later.

Start building your 2 tier pages.

building pages on your website
  • Do make them interesting and easy to read.
  • Do not have long paragraphs. (3 to 4 sentences a paragraph)
  • Do not make them 4 to 5 pages long (2 to 3 max) If you have more to write about the subject...make it a tier 3 page.
  • Do not build your page as soon as you write something! After you write a page, put it up until the next day, reread it or better yet have a friend or spouse read it to find mistakes, then build it.
  • Do put graphics on your page (makes the reader want to stay and read)
  • Do use different color font very sparingly if at all.
  • Spell-check often!!!

Download this free e-book on how to build a website and become a successful internet entrepreneur and read it often!

Make Your Words Sell!

Sixth Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Start building traffic

SBI automatically submits your built pages to the major search engines. Check with your web host to see if they do this or if you have to submit your own pages.

Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about your site.

I wouldn’t buy traffic yet. You may end up having to...but try these free ones first. I have never bought any traffic for my Freechurchaccounting site and as I said before it does quite well.

Seventh Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Monetize!

making money with a website

When you have at least 30 pages built and about 100 visitors a day, it’s time to monetize.

You can put Google Adsense on your site. Google AdSense is a free program that enables internet entrepreneurs of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn revenue.

You can also research affiliates and find one that fits well with your site and apply to be a partner with them. They will then give you links and banners to put on your site and if your reader clicks on to their site through yours and purchases get a percentage of that sale. Tip: Do not recommend or put up products or services that you or someone you know has personally tried and is satisfied. Your readers trust is priceless...don’t blow it for a few cents.

You can also sell your own products such as ebooks. They are simple to make and easy to sell.

Eighth Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Write more pages!

Seriously! If you keep writing fresh pages, the search engines will notice you more and visit you more. You will also have more keywords for more people to search and find your site

Nineth Step in How to Build a Website Successfully: Start thinking about building your next site

Just think about it...if your site is making about $500 to $1000 a month...a second site could possible double that. What about a third and fourth site? The possibilities are endless!

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