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Newsletter Articles

Free Small Business Software

The economy is rough right now...especially for us small business owners. I cut expenses everywhere I can in order to keep my prices down in my business.

Here are some free small business software I have tried and found to be effective...

Free Small Business Software

Accounting Financial Software

Setting up your accounting financial software can be a daunting task. It is not something you can just “wing it” especially if you have “accounting history”.

If you will take the extra time to set it up properly, you will get more accurate reports and be more likely to continue using the accounting software efficiently...

Accounting Financial Software

Financial Statements for a Small Business

Understanding financial statements for a small business is imperative to the success of your company. Prepare them, print them out, and study them...

Financial Statements for a Small Business

Balance Sheet Example

Last month we talked about creating an internal income statement to analyze our financial data.

This month we will discuss the importance of an accounting balance sheet and look at a basic balance sheet example.

Balance Sheet Example

Business Mileage Log

Keep in mind that one of the biggest deductions you can take off your small business income is your business miles. Hopefully you kept a good business mileage log.

If not, now’s as good as any time to start one...

Business Mileage Log

Keeping Track of Business Receipts

The first step in effectively keeping track of business receipts is in knowing what qualifies as a business expense. Let's look at ways to set up a workable system for keeping track of business receipts...

Keeping Track of Business Receipts

How to Cut Cost on Your Business Office Supplies

Cut down on your business office supplies cost with discounts, coupons, and even some free office supplies...

How to Cut Cost on Your Office Supplies

How to Build a Website

I have discovered that anyone can build a website with the proper tools...even someone like me with NO PRIOR skills or knowledge. The secret lies in building a successful one.

How to Build a Website

How to Create a Logo

How to create a logo stumps many small business owners. They don't know where to start in creating something so important to their business...

How to Create a Logo

Free Mileage Log...

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Spreadsheet Reviews...

"I absolutely love the spreadsheets!!  Thank you so much! They are exactly what I needed."

Becky from Back to Natural

"Thank you so much. I have been stressing about doing this accounting stuff for my husband. Quickbooks was too complicated for his small business and these spreadsheets are just what I was looking for!!!"

Josi Michael

"I love your accounting spreadsheets- thank you!"

Sandra from the UK

"As a small business owner my expertise has always been in marketing and customer service. I have struggled with many different options for my bookkeeping.

Vickey's basic accounting help and ledgers have made my business so much easier!"

Kelly Howard

"Thank you for your free spreadsheet! It has helped me tremendously to track daily sales and get a grip on the full scope of what revenues are coming in and my expenses."

Gabby of Gumdrop Swap

Business mileage can be a very good deduction for your small business.

It can also be a nightmare, if all the IRS required information is not included in your mileage log.

See what must be included and get a free mileage log!